Friday, 26 August 2011

Settling in...just

Goodness, I’ve just been away for a couple of days in Holland and I have come back to an avalanche (that ought to read ‘fifteen’) of responses to a blog I sent out sometime last week.  I had no addressees and didn’t know quite where it would end up – if anywhere - so I’m astonished that so many of you have found it. Thank you for your welcome.

I must say that I’m quite overwhelmed and not a little abashed because the sites are so beautiful, so skilled and professional. I have to tell you that I’m not into providing anything so elegant. Of course I’ve looked at the suggestions but they are going to take some time to work out. Truth is I am not comfortable with the computer. Never have been. In the last year or two of my working days I was offered a machine but declined. I didn’t think that a chap as naturally inept as I would gain much benefit and nor would those who employed me.. So it wasn’t until my retirement in 1988 that I began my uncertain relationship with the computer.

In addition to your kind offers of friendship, the lady who looks after my computer needs has emailed to tell me that I have opened two blogs, both named Blue Eyes, and recommends that I get rid of one of them. She makes no comment about the fact that I have managed to follow myself, which I imagine to be quite rare, but I fancy that I might have cleared up that matter now.

I am aware that this is a catch-all blog but I’m unsure of the courtesies. Ought I to write to each of you personally or should it go out as a general blog? Think I’ll try it as a general blog but only after I’ve worked out what to do with these URL things.   

Just a last word – the above is serious. It’s the real me. I’m not playing for laughs.

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