Friday, 26 August 2011

Blooging vampires and others of that ilk

I never really thought that this blogging business would keep intruding so much. As I told you, last week we were in Holland - well, that's a perfectly acceptable reason for not appearing here - and then no sooner were we back than relatives from US were staying with us. They went earlier today and so I can again get down to continuing my career as a blogger. (In a recent post to another recipient I inadvertently referred to 'blooging' - my fingers are all over the place on this machine - but I fancy it's a very useful alternative, a Freudian portmanteau word - 'bloody' and 'blogging'.)

But really what I intended to say was that I have been looking in some depth at book publications and reviews and have been surprised, though I ought not to have been, by the number of books about vampires, horror figures and werewolves which are now being published. I mean we had Mary Shelley and Poe and Bram Stoker who kept us more or less satisfied with this sort of thing for years and years and now there's this sudden onrush. How has it come about? Maybe the sainted JK Rowling has unintentionally nudged readers in this direction. Anyway, should we be pleased at this development?

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