Friday, 26 August 2011

Got it just about right now

Some of my followers (at the present count there are two of you: there were three until I managed to remove my presence earlier today for I’m the last person who would wish to follow me) are likely to be mystified by the sequencing of the three previous blogs. Simple – ‘Bewildered’ comes first, then ‘Settling in’ and then, the most recent, ‘Blooging Vampires.’ I've had problems! But I've got it about right now!

Tomorrow I shall post the first of several blogs related to my novel, And Such Great Names as These. I shall endeavour to post the blogs at least once a week. The title is ANATOMYOF A NOVEL. It’s not litcrit, not heavy stuff, but it is an attempt to look at the genesis of the story and how my own background in some ways influences the telling of the tale.

In brief the story is set in 1916, during World War One, and the action is located briefly in the battlefields of France. Most of the tale, however, takes place in north-east England.

There are four major characters; a working-class woman who is having a love affair with an officer recuperating from war wounds; a deserter from the carnage of the Western Front; and a ten-year-old boy who becomes closely attached to the three adults. 

So this is a war story, a love story and an account of a boy growing-up in very difficult circumstances.

The book was highly praised when it was first released. See the reviews on Amazon.

And perhaps I may need to tell you that that Allen Makepeace is credited as the author of this book. But I’m Johnnie Johnson and I created him!!

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